Sunam. (Manish) : Punjabi culture is one of the oldest and richest culturè of the world.There is a an exclusivness and vivacity in the life style of the punjabi people. The people of punjabi are friendly,hospitable, hardworking and relish living.punjabi songs are full of melody.The dance style of punjab has more flavour with its bhangra, gidha,kikli and simmi.Folk music is soul of punjabi culture. The traditional attire of punjab is kurta-pyjama with turban for men.women prefer patiala suits as a pact of their tradtional attire.punjabis are known for their utmost interest in art and craft .phulkari is recognized world wide for its intricate work. The main occupation of punjabis is agriculture,soil are well irrigated and abound with produce specific to the season. The cèntury old punjab culture is renowned for its tolerance,progrèssive and logical approach of life. In these days, Royal city of patiala celebrate ‘hertiage saras mela 2018’after 11 years at shesseh mehal.Royal city of patiala welcome thè artist from all over of india. The artist perform the stage of stars at night 2018 and showcase the talent on one stage.This is very proud of every punjabis.In past year, ‘UNESCO’ announced ‘shri harimandir sahib’is the holiest shine sikhism. Many places of the amritsar important chapter of indian history. Recently,punjab govt.launch’punjab culture and heritage policy2017’ The most imporatnt that punjab govt astablished for museums, historic monuments&spaces, cultural expression &practices.so there should be very proud of punjab and all punjabis lives for forign countries.In that last, the youth of punjab adopted for bad habits and western cùlture.i appeal the youth of punjab for destroy the bad things and attached the punjabi culture.schools,college and university time to time recognized the programme for punjabi culture.Futher that, there should be very useful for next generation of punjab.

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